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Trust pays off


With a decade and a half of manufacturing experience, we uphold stringent quality control measures. Our products are crafted using 100% raw materials, and every production stage is meticulously overseen by our QC team. Additionally, we conduct thorough random inspections before final storage. Trusted by over 300 flooring stores and 500 builders in more than 80 countries, our commitment to quality is unwavering.

Simply provide your contact details, and we’ll promptly reach out to ascertain your preferred sample color. Our company offers complimentary samples, requiring only payment for shipping costs.

Yes, we specialize in OEM services. Tailoring to your specifications, we customize floor sizes, colors, and even incorporate your logo onto the flooring. Our team extends further support with complimentary floor carton and brochure design services.

Upon receipt of a 30% T/T deposit payment, expect delivery within 30 days. Samples, on the other hand, will be prepared within a swift 5-day timeframe.

Our MOQ is set at one 20ft container, comprising four colors. If you need further clarification or customization, please feel free to reach out.

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